Suicide by window! :(

There was loud bang! and this bird lay outside below the window. It was still twitching its little feet when I found him. Now he's dead. Poor bird.

Cow and Sheep: watch out dude!

Melle's new buddy Schaap meeting Cow for the first time.

Tick feeding on tick...

Ew. Removed these guys from my cat this morning.

(reminde me of an earlier parasitic find)

This specific tick is a Holzbock (Ixodes ricinus).
Apparently, this cannibalistic behaviour has been noted before and is referred to as 'omovampiric', 'hyperparasitism' and 'homoparasitism'.

WTF Dell.

Dear Dell,

Y U make it so hard to add a second hard drive to your 2011 model Vostro 460 desktop computer? To be able to do that, one needs to screw the drive to some sort of bracket, or caddy, or whatever it's called, that slides into the drive bay, or rails, or whatever THAT's called.
I'd buy one of you, but you don't seem to offer them anywhere on your internets. Also, your site is kinda hard to navigate/search.


(yeah, also restarting this blahg)

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